About Us

“Follow in the footsteps of “those in the know”, not those who think they know.”

Commodity Concepts, LLC is a technically based grain advisory service with 20+ years’ experience using professional traders’ techniques. Established in 2000, the goal of the company has always been to support grain marketing for farmers and others involved in the grain markets.

At Commodity Concepts, LLC, we pride ourselves on being an easily accessible, honest, and small, but largely effective, company built on the groundwork of integrity. We are here to help you get ahead in your grain marketing efforts and build your own path to success. We understand the psychological mindset and hardships of this process.

Our long-standing involvement in grain marketing paired with extensive futures market charting experience allows us to provide our customers with professional trader methods and strategies.

Steve Fast

Steve Fast, owner and technical analyst has been involved in the grain industry for 36 years. Thirty-four of those years were in grain elevator management, merchandising and origination.  He began both the farmer advisory service and farming part-time in 2000.

The past two years have been as a full time grain farmer. Steve and his wife, Mary Jane, have been married for 35 years.  Together, they raised three sons.

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