Grain Marketing – 2 Keys to Success

At Commodity Concepts, LLC, we believe that there are 2 critical elements that will lead to grain marketing success.


This is one of the most important words to understand when marketing grain or any other marketing program. If you don’t have proper discipline, the marketing tools you use will not reach their full potential for your business.

Technical Analysis

What is most important to the market today, may not be tomorrow. Technical analysis allows you to see these trends, and adjust your strategy appropriately.Read More »

How We Work

Commodity Concepts, LLC provides a weekly report highlighting the week’s fundamental news but emphasizing technical analysis of the grains to all clients via email. These charts contain the key factors to what is either currently occurring in the market or what you can expect to see in the future. Read More >>

Who We Serve

Our client base includes, but is not limited to:

  • Grain farmers
  • Future traders
  • Grain buyers

We proudly serve anyone in the United States and beyond.

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